Vietnam re-entry FAQ for 2021

Covid popular questions: Can i enter Vietnam now?Yes, if you have a SPONSOR (skilled workers), your an investor and Vietnamese. From what i kept reading, even spouses of Vietnamese are having difficulty to enter. Also, having a TRC doesn't give you an entry pass. Skilled workers can only enter with a sponsor that can get them the ff: ✅ Peoples committee approval letterA. 2-4weeks/ to be in...

How Vietnam succeeded during covid19 – Year 2020

Vietnam succeeded against Covid because of one word: humility The Vietnamese have a time machine. Citizens get priority seating, but for several thousand dollars, foreigners with official business in the Socialist Republic of Vietnam and a negative Covid test (make sure you get the RT-PCR test – details, people) can FedEx a few government forms written in their best attempt at Việt...

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