Covid popular questions:

  1. Can i enter Vietnam now?
    Yes, if you have a SPONSOR (skilled workers), your an investor and Vietnamese.

From what i kept reading, even spouses of Vietnamese are having difficulty to enter. Also, having a TRC doesn’t give you an entry pass. Skilled workers can only enter with a sponsor that can get them the ff:

✅ Peoples committee approval letter
A. 2-4weeks/ to be in the DOLISA online list
B. Need flight details (no need to book yet)
✅ Immigration approval letter
A. 1week process
B. Also called sponsor letter
D. No TRC, then process your Visa on arrival
✅ CDC approval letter
A. Quarantine info (need car & hotel details)
B. 1-3days process

Estimated time: Almost 2 months

  1. Can i enter as a tourist?
    Dream on hun, it’s not possible anytime soon or even possibly next year.
  2. What do I need to enter Vietnam?
    ✅ 3 Approval letters (above)
    ✅ Hotel booking
    ✅ Car booking
    ✅ Insurance/company commitment letter
    ✅ RT-PCR test (Only RT-PCR and not PCR test are accepted so check/ask your lab carefully)

You need to submit all these docs to your airline 5-7days beforehand in order to apply for the CAAV landing permit. Then submit RT-PCR test (depends in your airline), 3-5 days before flight.

  1. Where should i book my flight?
    Book the airline directly. Some people are having difficulty coz they book online or with an agency/company. Its also hard to get refund.
  2. How much will I spend in total?
    From my experience, it depends if your company will assist you with papers and also if you use an agent/agency.

With company help:
✅ I paid $1500 in total.
✅ Direct flight from Philippines.
✅ Only paid for my quarantine, hotel and car.
✅ Hotel: Sunshine boutique hotel (19.5m vnd)
✅ Car: SACO (3m) — cheaper if u book directly as its only 2.75m i think.
✅ RT-PCR test in Ph ($90)
✅ PAL flight ($430)
✅ 2x RT-PCR TEST in Vn are FREE.

With an agent
✅ You will prob pay $2500-5000

  1. What should i expect at the airport?
    You will only have to take note of 5 things.
    ✅ Fill up (medical)
    ✅ Fill up your visa on arrival form (NA1)
    ✅ Go to immig if you have TRC.
    ✅ Get your luggage
    ✅ Wait for your car to arrive, then, wear PPE
  2. Can i buy sim card at the airport?
    Nope. Everything is close. Just order for things to be delivered in your hotel.
  3. Can i order food to be delivered to my hotel?
    I think its case to case. Most will allow it and some will charge a fee.
  4. What are the cheapest quarantine in HCMC or Hanoi?

Hanoi— no idea.


  1. Sunshine boutique hotel in D7
  2. Huong sen annex D1
  3. Riverside hotel D1
  4. Alagon D1
  5. A&Em D1
  6. Etc….
  7. What should i bring for my quarantine?
    ✅ Whatever you fancy
    ✅ Exercise stuff (or order some online)
    ✅ Extensions
    ✅ Thermometer (I have my own)
    ✅ HDMI cable
    ✅ Drinks/ alcohol (or ask friends to buy 😂)
  8. How long to process the papers?
    Almost 2 months.
  9. How long will it take for you to process everything at the airport?

An hour or less. In my case there was only 15 people in my flight. I also have TRC so basically it took me maybe 10mins in total to pass 2 line.1. Medical (online verification of PCR Test) 2. Immigration

If you will do VISA ON ARRIVAL. Then it will take you longer but regardless prob less than an hour.

  1. What should i expect w/ my car transport?
    ✅ It takes them a while to arrive.
    ✅ You will also probably travel by bus despite your numbers.
    ✅ Its required to wear PPEs (Free)
  2. What did the Vn immigration ask you?
    He didn’t ask much but he did ask me, how long i will stay and also checked my documents. So don’t forget to PRINT your docs.
  3. What airlines are allowed to enter Vietnam?
    ✅ Emirates
    ✅ Cathay pacific
    ✅ Korean air
    ✅ Philippine airlines
    ✅ Singapore air
    ✅ Vietnam airlines
    ✅ Others
  4. Can i enter without work permit, TRC & etc?
    ✅ Well, its case to case. If your papers just expired and your coming back to the same company then you can easily process the LIST ive mentioned above. And just prepare some supporting docs like stamped Employment contract and etc…
    ✅Enter thru an agent/agency (I have no recommendations) BUT expect to pay $$$$$$.
  5. How many PCR Test do you need?

1x in home country
2x in Vietnam (FREE/ 1st and 14th day testing)

Ok. I feel blank now. If you have questions then ill just add it here and try to answer them. 😅

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